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The Tinkerer Learning Journey

   Higher PrimaryRed Line
  Lower PrimaryGreen Line
(Age 9-12)
 PreschoolYellow Line
(Age 6-8)
(Age 3-5)
Topics ExploredPreschool topics such as natural science, pretended play, creative arts, early maths and languages.Kids will explore topics related to their school curriculum through fun and creative projects. Topics include: light, sound, forces, energy and natural sciences.Explore the engineering and scientific fundamentals behind STEAM topics through hands-on interaction with engineered projects.
Skills DevelopedCrafts and materials developed by early education experts according to Western concepts for early childhood development. Our boxes aim to encourage curiosity, creative confidence, logical deduction, maths and language skills.In order to help kids excel in their academic learning, Odyssey boxes nurture logical thinking and problem solving abilities through a guided journey, exploring multiple topics in science, engineering and the arts.In addition to logical thinking and problem solving abilities, Explore boxes also encourage children to discover and understand the history of scientific and engineering discoveries and to consider how the future of these technologies may develop.
Box Contents
  • 2-3 hands-on crafts or preschool games
  • Activity book containing games, experiments and DIY suggestions that improve logical thinking and maths skills
  • Some boxes contain phonics storybooks
  • Graphical instructions
  • 1-2 interactive STEAM projects
  • Some boxes contain artistic crafts
  • Colourful STEAM magazine with educational comics, games and facts
  • Graphical instructions
  • 1-2 interactive STEAM projects
  • Youtube video assembly instructions
  • Colourful STEAM magazine with educational facts and information on scientists and inventors connected to projects
  • Graphical instructions
Curriculum Map

Explore Our Lines

Explore Our Lines - Wonder Box
Wonder Box
Age 3-5
Creative development through games
Explore Our Lines - Odyssey Box
Odyssey Box
Age 6-8
Artistic exploration and curriculum science topics
Explore Our Lines - Explore Box
Explore Box
Age 9-12
Tinker with advanced engineering and science

Academics’ Choice Review

Recommended Community 1

It was so fun to open up the box and begin building. My daughter couldn't wait to get her hands on all of the pieces. We learned about gravity, pulleys, and engineering. It's a great STEM project. It supports and meets the Engineering Design standard in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Review from Academics’ Choice Awards for the Tinkerer Infinity Mirror

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