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6-8 years old
High quality monthly material to boost your child’s curiosity and creativity Contents of each issue

Inside your Odyssey Box

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Science Projects

Allow your child to unleash their inner scientist. There’s a new science topic in each box and 1-2 educational toys to bring the concepts to life

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Your child will unlock their creativity and learn how to express themselves by making their own art and designs

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Our hands-on activities will cultivate your children's logical thinking skills, giving a sense of accomplishment when they complete them

Let your child discover the exciting world of STEAM with our Odyssey activity box, which allows them to explore scientific themes with an artistic twist

Unleash your child's curiosity and creativity with The Odyssey Box! Expertly curated to cover curriculum-driven topics, each box contains scientific construction projects, artistic activities, and a science magazine. Enhance your child's understanding of science and boost their artistic skills and self-confidence in a fun and relaxed environment.

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Hands-on science and art projects, allowing children to learn and explore their creativity.

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Plane Launcher

3,2,1, lift off! In this project, children will explore the principles of flight, as well as concepts such as energy conversion. They will make a plane launcher, some paper planes, and use the Tinkerer box to make a landing strip.

Ultraviolet Light

Your child will make a spinning dome, by using different sizes of gears to make a rotating viewer that glows under ultraviolet light. They’ll get creative and develop their artistic imagination by painting and decorating the inside of the dome, then use the board and ultraviolet pen to create their own patterns and designs.

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It’s time to build a colour-changing chameleon that lights up! Your child will decorate the wooden frame with magic colour-changing pens, before discovering the colourful world and extraordinary abilities of chameleons. Do you know how and why a chameleon changes colour? You’ll find out in this box.

What’s in the Box?

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Odyssey Science Magazine

Each box contains a science magazine to deepen your child’s understanding of the science covered in the box. There is a fun comic story for them to read, extra projects to try, and games and quizzes to test their knowledge.

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STEAM Teaching Toys

Allow your child to learn through play, while developing a love and understanding of the worlds of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics.

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Graphic Instructions

Detailed graphic instructions in every box allow your child to complete the projects independently.

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Art Activities

Each issue introduces new art materials and processes to help children develop their imagination and creativity.

Topics Inside

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Explore the wonders of light through various projects that explain light and shadow, the colours inside light, the invisible ultraviolet spectrum and more.
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Learn about paint, light and colour mixing methods, which you will use to make your own watercolour pens.
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Get ready to blast off! Create a rocket launcher and some solar system posters that will allow you to explore our universe.
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Animal World
Unearth the Mesozoic era when dinosaurs reigned, discover how a chameleon changes colour, find out how a whale sings, and explore other marvels of the animal kingdom.
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Discover the effects of different forces, such as gravity, friction, hydraulic pressure and more. Explore their effects on the world around us and how they work in real life.
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Engineering & Structure
Explore simple structures and discover the principle of catapults, launchers, periscopes and more, as well as how they work in real life.
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Get ready to discover the incredible connection between sound and vibration.
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Human Body
By studying human organs, bones and various bodily functions, you’ll discover the magic of the human body.
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Arts & Crafts
Innovative artistic activities and creative materials in the box will help your child unleash their creativity.
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Explore the wonders of light through various projects, light and shadow, the colours inside light, the invisible ultraviolet spectrum, etc.

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The first box will be delivered within 3 days, and then the subscription box will be sent in the middle of the month.
Delivery time can be delayed/suspended at any time.


Create and Play

Enjoy high-quality scientific and artistic exploration time with your children.

Start investing in your child’s scientific, practical and creative skills today!

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