Join us on our quest to inspire children's creative confidence

Our Story


We are a powerhouse of parents!

The creation of Tinkerer began when we, Stephen and Elaine, engineers who graduated from Imperial College London, became parents ourselves. We started thinking about all the things that needed to be prepared to ensure our children have a quality life. We wanted to nurture in them a sincere desire to learn and grow independently. Bearing this in mind, we brought together a powerhouse of parents who share a similar mindset.

Inspire children to learn and grow!

At Tinkerer, we believe in creative confidence and immersive learning, two qualities that prepare kids to think big and learn for life. From constructing to crafting, we have deep appreciation for creative, hands-on projects that inspire children’s curiosity. By conquering every small challenge in our STEAM projects, children develop self-confidence and self-esteem that will help them venture into any unknown challenges.

Children, parents and academics approved!

Tinkerer’s R&D team comprises of educators, designers, parents and mostly importantly children. We believe a good curriculum is essential to providing a variety of experiences that keep children engaged. That’s why we spend hundreds of hours designing, refining and enriching our curriculum through observing the way children create and interact. We are thrilled to help nurture to the next generation innovators, creators and leaders!