Odyssey Box
6-8 years old
Every month we provide high quality, engaging learning materials to cultivate children's scientific curiosity and creativity.

Inside Each Odyssey Box

Science Projects

Explore a science topic in each box and make 1-2 educational toys to get hands-on with the science


Learn the process and skills of creative art and free design


Hands-on activities that cultivate children's logical thinking and give a sense of accomplishment

STEAM and Art activity box, with hands-on learning and the exploration of scientific themes with and artistic twist

The Odyssey box stimulates children's curiosity in science and cultivates their ability to explore new topics. Each box includes an Odyssey magazine compiled by education experts, which covers curriculum-driven topics. Each box takes thousands of hours to develop, test and improve. The Odyssey box contains scientific construction projects, artistic activities, and a science magazine to help children improve their scientific understanding and creative self-confidence in a relaxed and happy environment.

Hands-on science and art projects, allowing children to learn and explore in creativity

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3,2,1, the lift off! In this project, children will explore the principles of aeroplane flight, and concepts such as energy conversion. They will make a plane launcher, paper planes, then use the Tinkerer box to make a landing strip.

Ultraviolet Light

Children make a spinning dome using different sizes of gears to make a rotating viewer that glows under ultraviolet light. They can get creative with painting and decorating the inside of the dome, which helps children develop their artistic imagination. Then use the light-emitting board and ultraviolet pen to create different patterns and designs.


Build a light-up and colour-changing chameleon. Decorate the wooden frame with magic colour-changing pens. Then, discover the colourful world and extraordinary abilities of chameleons. Do you know how and why a chameleon changes colour? You will find out in this box.

What’s in the Box?

Odyssey Science Magazine

Each box contains a science magazine to ensure your child understands the science covered in the box. There is a fun comic story for them to read, extra DIYs to try, and games and quizzes to test their knowledge.

STEAM Teaching Toys

Each box contains a science magazine to ensure your child understands the science covered in the box. There is a fun comic story for them to read, extra DIYs to try, and games and quizzes to test their knowledge.

Graphic Instructions

Detailed graphic instructions in every box so that children can easily complete the projects independently.

Art Activities

Each issue introduces different art materials and art process to help children develop their imagination and creativity.

Topics Inside


Explore the wonders of light through various projects, light and shadow, the colours inside light, the invisible ultraviolet spectrum, etc.


Learn the colour mixing methods of paint and light, and use colour mixing method and capillary action to make watercolour pens.


Create rocket launchers and solar system posters to explore the solar system.

Animal World

Unearth the Mesozoic era where dinosaurs reigned, how a chameleon changes colour, how a whale sings and other marvels of the animal kingdom.


Discover the effects of different forces, such as gravity, friction, hydraulic pressure, etc. their effect on the world around us and their applications in real life.

Engineering & Structure

Explore simple engineering and structures, such as the principle of catapults, launchers, periscopes etc. and their applications in daily life.


Discover the connection between sound and vibration.

Human Body

Study human organs, bones and various bodily systems.

Arts & Craft

Innovative artistic activities and creative materials in the box to help children improve their creativity.

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Creative Play

Enjoy high-quality scientific and artistic exploration time with your children

Start immediately, and work with us to improve children's scientific thinking, practical skills and creative literacy!

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